Bieber Engineering Technologies (B.E.T.) services all of your Residential, Commercial, and Industrial needs.  With experienced service teams, we can accommodate any needs below:


Air Duct & System Cleaning

do you need you air ducts cleaned?

Our professional service teams use the most advanced HEPA filtered air duct cleaning system available.  Dirt, dust, mold, pollen, lead, asbestos, animal dander and misc debris are dislodged from within your air ducts by various brushes and…

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Mold/Asbestos Remediation

let us keep your environment safe

Whether you are a small business or large corporate entity, or perhaps a homeowner remodeling an older structure, any type of major repair on older buildings can involve asbestos-containing materials. Quality asbestos removal services are vitally…

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Filter Sales

we have the filter for your system

Air Filter Sales has been supplying industrial, commercial, medical and preservation facilities as well as residential dwellings with the best replacement air filters available. Our air filter experts have been providing business owners…

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Testing/Analysis of Indoor Air Quality

do you have indoor air quality problems?

We provide expert field inspections and laboratory services for mold and other indoor environmental concerns; by finding their causes and providing economic/effective solutions.  Some of the services provided are Radon, Para formaldehyde, CO, CO2…

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Water Damage Restoration and Repair

we will dry, clean, and restore!

We follow the ANSI/IICRC S500/S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water, Mold, and Sewage Damage Restoration. Water damage is bad for your health as it can cause mold related issues if not dried up in a timely 24-48 hour time…

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